Dabolim Airport Taxi


Get to downtown Panaji within 40 minutes, since it is located at just 29 km southwest of the airport.

It is without a doubt the best and most recommended option to transfer to and from Goa Airport if we compare with the other available options (bus, train and shuttle bus).

We recommend passengers to board a prepaid taxi, since they are cleaner and more honest than the regular taxis.



We ought passengers to be aware of the existing scams related to taxi services at Dabolim Airport. That is the reason why we insist in taking a prepaid taxi rather than a regular one since safety regarding scams can be more guaranteed.  

According to reports, Goa taxi services are one of the worst in India given the corrupted local taxi association (even locals are ripped off!). There are taxis without taximeter, the vehicles that have one never turn it on, and prices are fixed according the distance to destination, which is always altered (real distances are lower than the ones showed at the airport price chart).



Taxis waits for passengers outside the terminal, even they can be found anywhere outside the terminal premises.

On the other hand, prepaid taxi booths are also located outside the terminal premises.



As we said, given the corrupted local taxi association in Goa, some popular Indian taxi companies such as Ola or international apps taxi services like Uber are not permitted to operate within the airport premises.

Opening hours: 24 hours.



See below the fares for prepaid taxis at Goa Airport:

  • Downtown Panjim: INR 869.00 (non-AC cabs) / 921.00 (ac cabs) (40 minutes)
  • Calangute: INR 1,149 (non-AC cabs) / 1,128 (ac cabs) (1h 13 minutes)
  • Candolim: INR 1,200 (non-AC cabs) / 1,271 (ac cabs) (60 minutes)

Please, bear in mind that night fares are applied daily between 11:00 pm to 05:00 am.

For further information regarding prepaid taxis, please check this website.


Shared Rides

Shared ride service is available to those who wish to share a ride and pay a flat rate to certain destinations if multiple parties are available for the trip. Apps such as Uber may be useful to do so.



If you wish to transfer from and to Dabolim Airport on your own, there are several transfer companies available within the airport premises.

Book your transfer through our site, it is easy and fast to use!